As always, thanks for being such a great lab! Yesterday, Susan and I delivered the all-school composites that you printed last week. And all I kept hearing from parents and administrators was how wonderful the prints are! The rich colors and perfect matte finish are very popular. You might want to consider passing that idea on to other photographers just because it is a fantastic marketing tool. I’m confident that I’ll be back at every school where we delivered the composites. The way I take orders for school photos and the way I sell to schools is probably different than about 99% of other photographers, and I thank-you for always going that extra mile to accommodate my unique business model.—from making the custom sheets to adding the tone options. With a ten-fold increase in the school photo business this year, who knows what will happen next year! If you ever need a testimonial for your web site or a reference for a potential new customer, I hope you will call me or give my number. I’ll be sure to promote your business to other photographers whenever I have a chance!
Susan Jones - Jones Photography
Thank-you for getting the prints back to me today! It was a very nice surprise. Thank-you for all the help I’ve received from your staff over this past year. You’ll never know how much I appreciate your help.
Lisa Schwartz
TPI has been our exclusive lab for 20 years. They have an extensive product line to meet any photographic needs. We enjoy the personal relationship we have with them and find their service to be quick and efficient. Their photo processing and customer service are outstanding.
Bill and Mary Jo Ciccotelli - Ciccotelli Photography
Hey Gene! Thanks a lot! I mean it, thanks a lot for your digital sports product line and the flyers/order forms that go with it. My memory mate and sports sales have increased anywhere from 20% to over 70% on a team basis. Case in point, high school football this year was up 46% over the previous year as more and more people ordered digital products. Not only that, the digital line had helped me pick up new sports team contracts because I am able to offer a wide variety of unique products, keeping me ahead of the competition and the digital amateurs. The flyers are very professional and again, set me apart from the “envelope” crowd. Your printing and turn-around time are great too! So, thanks again!
James H. Pitts Photography
I have been using Lab prints for quite some time now. I have been extremely pleased with the ability to create multi-image collages in half the amount of time that it would have taken in Photoshop. This program is very easy to learn. It allows you to work independently per layer with the ease of one click to open an external editor. Most tasks in Lab Prints can be completed using on click. Want to add text? Only takes one mouse click! Want to add a color border? Once again, can be done in just one click! Your creative ideas using Lab Prints is only limited by your own imagination. It has honestly saved me uncountable hours of slaving over the computer in Photoshop. Wedding albums are easily complied in Lab Prints in just a matter of minutes! Also all your images have the rich color I’ve been looking that has allowed me to produce unique products for my customers that has helped increase my portrait and album sales.
Kristina Smith - Kreative Photography
I hadn’t seen this new proof book cover before this order and now that I have the print here, I have to tell you, IT IS FANTASTIC! Very classy
Matt Jones - Matt Jones Photography, Inc
I got my photo order today and wanted to tell you they look fabulous! Thank-you and your staff! Count on my repeat business and referrals.
Samantha Adams
This past fall, I was introduced to a flush mount album, by Dennis at TPI Photo Lab, Inc. I was really impressed with the album and so I had a sample album made. I presented the album to one of my customers. She was truly amazed. Her first response was, “WOW, Look at all the pictures you get.” She had never seen anything like it and immediately booked me for her wedding. Just the look on her face let me know the album and your designs was a keeper. I have since booked several weddings upon showing this album. Your design is unique and very different. My customers love it.
Laura - All Occasion Photography
Just a quick note of thanks for all your hard work preparing and designing the Sports Flyer. It has made a positive difference in our studio’s sports programs. We have seen an increase in sales as a result of using your flyer. Our average sale per player has increased as well as our percentage of players purchasing. In addition, the variety of items being offered is outstanding. Also, we have been using your ROES and have found it fast and easy and a boost to our bottom line. Keep up the GOOD WORK!
James A. Leone - Owner, Silver Image Photography